The Limoncello Party

“Coming out” with the child-free choice & The Limoncello Party

It turns out that “coming out” with our decision to overcome infertility by moving on child-free isn’t as easy as I thought.  Half of the time it does feel liberating to say it out loud, to tell people of our “bold” decision.  However, the other half of the time is SUCKS. People have so many questions about it. (Have you tried everything? Why not adopt? Are you sure??????????) People have so many judgements about it.  Sometimes I want to yell, “Some people just don’t have kids. Get. Over. It.”  I understand that people want the best for us, but why is it so hard for some to understand that this choice is the best for us?  You’d think they’d be happy, no?  We made a choice together. We are on the same page.  Is that not a great success story? How many marriages have ended due to infertility?

That said – this is not a rant post. This is a happy post and a proposition!  I propose that any couple who comes out as child-free, whether by chance or by choice, deserves to celebrate and be celebrated!  So I propose The Limoncello Party!

In short, the Limoncello Party is an epic party to celebrate a couple’s decision to live child-free.  It’s particularly catered towards couples who choose child-free after battling infertility, because….When life gives you lemons, make limoncello!  I haven’t fully thought this out yet, but as part of this blog I plan to pull together bits and pieces of this party idea as I go along.

When a couple suffers through the hellish trauma of infertility, and comes out the other end okay, that deserves a celebration right?  And to be fair we (child-free couples) won’t be dragging our friends to kids’ birthdays, baptisms, school plays, etc… we deserve just ONE party.  ‘Emma right?


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